The Bipolar September

It isn’t summer anymore, but even the winter hasn’t arrived yet. The bipolar September is that time of the year when the morning breeze contains just a a whiff of chilliness.

Yet the blessed season hasn’t yet bid goodbye to the hot summer.

The season can’t be compared to the visual feast that the flowers-abundant spring brings or yellow-orange foliage-laden autumn brings.

But the bipolar September has a hidden beauty of its own, embedded in its essential meaning. The month is the grey-area between the hot summery white & chilly wintry black.

Just like the primal life which exists amid the-not-so-well marked greyish hues where nothing is certain or well-defined ; hotness or cold; happiness or sadness; & even life or death…

The long life is also filled with the dull-blank moments like a September afternoon that blows the chilly December wind on your face, while the nasty sun still shines right above your head , turning the moment into a blessed moment of absolute & eternal nothingness.

About dream-thoughts and death

A dreamless sleep works perfectly fine with me. A dreamless wakeful state is a perfect bliss! A life devoted to living in the present moment is about being present to each and every breath

Yet, here I am!

After years of “trying to live in the present moment” mania , getting caught in the abyss of the dream-thoughts once again…

A fine wintry morning with the Sun blazing overhead is why India is a curious place to be in.


But this winter morning isn’t about the Sun or the sunny things.

It is about long-lost human-treasures.

We all lose people at some point of time – to death, to circumstances, to destiny !

But the ones torn apart untimely , sometimes even timely, by death, are hard to let go of. And when you think you’ve forgotten, a confusing dream keeps you sleep-sobbing & wide-awake.

Such dreams allow you to meet the soul-treasure once again, to feel them alive again, to feel that gush of warm-secure blanket of love once more!

The moment feels more real than the day to day life, where we think we are awake!

And once you are awake, a warm awareness engulfs you, – those grandfathers, brothers, uncles are far far away, yet nearer than we’ll ever know.

The bond that is LOVE can’t be broken… The thin thread that gravitates one towards the loved ones can’t be seen or felt…

Just like space – an empty vacuum that envelopes us, whether we can prove it or not… Its absence is an illusion! It’s presence, a fact we miss out, while we get caught in the dreamy haze of thoughts.

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