Vipassana: The Essence of all Meditations

Vipassana is an ancient meditation,  re-discovered, & preached  by Gautama, the Buddha in 2550 B.C.E.  A connoisseur of peace, Buddha transcended the realm of mind,  and attained "nirvana" or "enlightenment". "Vipassana is the essence of all meditations" - Osho. A curious agnostic, I believe something when I see it from my eyes, feel it in … Continue reading Vipassana: The Essence of all Meditations

Life with Puppies and More!

Finally, she is home. My first puppy! It took 29 years of wishing at Birthdays & shooting stars to finally bring home a pup of my own.  I wished for a pup ever since I've existed. Mind you, it all started with an over-barking pom doggy! I can't believe that I remember the pup & … Continue reading Life with Puppies and More!