The Desert’s Calling !

Empty spaces have a calling too!

Modern life is filled with too many things, thoughts, & people. Things to buy, thoughts that float purposelessly, & people who pester incessantly…

Traveling to a desertscape provides the much needed respite from it all.

A certain emptiness or bareness is how a desert landscape welcomes you. Look for a sign, & the desert might just offer a long-forgotten secret death-wish. At the same time, a desert can engulf you with the calming emptiness that empties the mind of the modern chitter chatter.

Like the final annihilation of mysterious Sphinx that is re-born from its own ashes, traveling to a desert might just awaken the long slumbering soul from its monotonous death & decay, prompting a vigor for life that’s new & fresh, and almost divine.

Pin Valley view spiti
Pin Valley, Spiti
Spiti India
Spiti river valley
Tabo Kinnaur , Himachal Pradesh
On route Tabo, Kinnaur
Tabo view, Kinnaur
Pin Valley , lahaul and spiti
On Route Pin Valley, India
Spiti India
Spiti River, Himachal Pradesh