Life Runs A Full Circle

 Bits And Pieces,
Of You And Me.

A Loveless Scar Here,
An Innocent Blush There.

Autumn Of A Withering Leaf,
Decayed Now, In Full Bloom Once.

Only Hope, A Warm Casket –
A Wintery Sheet Of Death-Cold Snow.

Reminisces Spring, The Days Gone By,
When Love Was Pure, Promises True.

Life Runs A Full Circle:
Broken And Cherished Fragments,
Of You And Me.

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Lyrical Beauty of Emily Dickinson

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Much madness in divinest sense
To a discerning eye;

Much sense the starkest madness.
‘T is the majority
In this, as all, prevails.

Assent, and you are sane;
Demur, – you’re straightaway dangerous,
And handled with a chain.

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

State Of My Heart: It’s Hollow

Hollow is the shape of the planet,
Hollower, the state of my heart.
Shallow, the world slowly walks by,
Shallower, thy friendly smile.

In a bid to avoid “the hollows”,
I took a thousand vows, –
Benumbed, as each vow entangles,
Vacant, the state of the heart.

Let’s not hide, you and I,
Behind the veil of an empty Gaze.
Void is the Space that is Matter.
Vacant is the Touch of your Gaze.

When I seek refuge in the mountain,
“Hollow” is the Note it Plays.
“Silence”, the ound that Echoes,
Lost in a forlorn Haze.

Torpid is the Numbness of Mind,
Estranged, the world idly goes by.
Hollow, the shape of the planet,
Nadir be the Truth of my Fate.

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Submit To The Nothingness

Ganga Rishikesh India
The Ganages in Rishikesh, India

Sacred silence of majestic mountains,
Gentle murmur of the ageless Ganges,
A gust of untamed wind quietly whispers the timeless secret,

“I am nothing…

A negligible entity in the infinite space,
A tiny bubble of energy destined,
To explode back into the nothingness.

My existence, a cosmic accident,
Never to repeat again.

Purpose of existence, –
Witness the blissful interplay, of nature & its elements,
To submit to its nothingness.”

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Nature : A bittersweet interplay of polarities


A vivid scene of mother nature,
Glimpse of life itself,
A bittersweet interplay of polarities: joy & sorrow.

The gloomy greyish tinge,
Of dark thoughts & malice,
That plague us, make us human.

The pristine whitish hue,
Of peace & hope,
A fair shot at redemption of human soul.

The omnipresent bluish space,
Stage beyond the two polarities,
Peek into the timeless eternity.

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