Empty Spaces Thus Spake to Me!

Empty spaces thus spake to me,

The barrenness of Earth,

The quietness of a river.

Roaring clouds commanded –

“Leave thy clever thoughts behind,

And fly away on the wings of emptiness.”

Circus of life revealed to me,

The madness of human existence,

The finality of death.

The Fierce lightning called out –

“Leave the circle of life behind,

Glide gently on the wings of nothingness.”

Sacred breath whispered the secret to me,

The meaninglessness of language,

Stillness of the silent winds.

A wise cuckoo flapped its wings and sang –

“Stay awake to the beauty of existence,

Soar high into the vacuum of eternal timelessness!”

Empty spaces thus spake to me,

I listened closely to the voice divine!

Copyright © [Meru]. All rights reserved.

The Bipolar September

It isn’t summer anymore, but even the winter hasn’t arrived yet. The bipolar September is that time of the year when the morning breeze contains just a a whiff of chilliness.

Yet the blessed season hasn’t yet bid goodbye to the hot summer.

The season can’t be compared to the visual feast that the flowers-abundant spring brings or yellow-orange foliage-laden autumn brings.

But the bipolar September has a hidden beauty of its own, embedded in its essential meaning. The month is the grey-area between the hot summery white & chilly wintry black.

Just like the primal life which exists amid the-not-so-well marked greyish hues where nothing is certain or well-defined ; hotness or cold; happiness or sadness; & even life or death…

The long life is also filled with the dull-blank moments like a September afternoon that blows the chilly December wind on your face, while the nasty sun still shines right above your head , turning the moment into a blessed moment of absolute & eternal nothingness.

The Twilight Wisdom

Does the sun ever change its mind just before it is about to set ? Is there a moment of uncertainty in nature ? Or self-doubt ?

There isn’t a moment of self-flagellation in any act of Mother Nature. It does what it always does & is always in complete harmony with divinity & its creative force.

Unlike homo sapiens, who delve in self-doubt & self-flagellation because a religion didn’t teach them any better! Forgetting that we were born to live out our miniscule destinies & fade out like last rays of twilight without resistance.

It is in complete acceptance of our many so-called “faults “ & “perfections” that the entity “we “ disappears. And when that happens, all that is left in us is the very God or divinity that we try to find in books or religious ceremonies and & age-old conventions. 🙂

Corona – our karmic debt!

A pregnant elephant accidently ate a fruit filled with firecrackers & died in Kerela, India. The incident triggered a nationwide outrage (only on social media).

So, what is about this incident that touched an unsympathetic Indian ? The fact that it was a mamma elephant? Or the fact that humans are sufering through dismal times brought by Corona?

What about our constant abortive measures to kill our first mother, “mother Earth”?

Why is Corona and other climatic abnormalities a shocking surprise for us?

Did we think that our incessant plunder of Earth’s resources won’t create a Karmic debt?

We’ve single-handedly led so many of our Earth mates (animals and plants) towards extinction.

Industrialisation might have sown the sad seeds of present calamity. But the institution of religion is to be blamed for positing a “holier than thou” image of a human being.

Human species, provoked by religious hypocrites, declared man a “superior species”, & above all other inferior animals. A human continues to live with an irrational belief that we are God-like, superior, & wiser than our Earth mates.

In reality, we’ve only become greedier & more artificial. We’ve lost our “natural instincts” that helped us to survive the jungles.

Are we in fact superior to animals?

If we were, why didn’t that mamma Elephant harm even a single human while she roamed around in pain through that village ? King of the jungle, the formidable Lion, never kills its prey if it’s already eaten.

Want more proof?

Watch a pair of birds working incessantly to make a nest out of thousands of straws. One’s eyes may get exhausted if one begins to count the number of flights the bird takes to build a nest for its chicks. But the parent birds work laboriously till they finish building the nest.

Bird’s ‘labour of love’ is based on pure & unconditional love. Love that is not calculative or greedy. Love that doesn’t expect anything in return. Like a secure old age or a child who’ll re-live their parents’ destiny & life path.

No other animal turns child-rearing into a greedy exercise like humans do!

A human incessantly plunders this planet to satisfy even its progeny’s needs. Our arrogance wants to immortalise our family’s name for hundreds of years. An intelligent mind may ask, “What is a few hundreds years worth in front of eons of time?” Probably nothing!!!

So, yes, we’ve walked into corona’s death trap ourselves as a species. We’ve miserably failed our Gods & our first brave mother (planet Earth).

Planet Earth is not here for our pleasure & we as a species have just begin to repay the karmic debt we owe to this planet…

“How can we be so arrogant? The planet is, was, and always will be stronger than us. We can’t destroy it; if we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing. Why don’t they start talking about not letting the planet destroy us?” – Paulo Coelho

The Desert’s Calling !

Empty spaces have a calling too!

Modern life is filled with too many things, thoughts, & people. Things to buy, thoughts that float purposelessly, & people who pester incessantly…

Traveling to a desertscape provides the much needed respite from it all.

A certain emptiness or bareness is how a desert landscape welcomes you. Look for a sign, & the desert might just offer a long-forgotten secret death-wish. At the same time, a desert can engulf you with the calming emptiness that empties the mind of the modern chitter chatter.

Like the final annihilation of mysterious Sphinx that is re-born from its own ashes, traveling to a desert might just awaken the long slumbering soul from its monotonous death & decay, prompting a vigor for life that’s new & fresh, and almost divine.

Pin Valley view spiti
Pin Valley, Spiti

Spiti India
Spiti river valley

Tabo Kinnaur , Himachal Pradesh
On route Tabo, Kinnaur

Tabo view, Kinnaur

Pin Valley , lahaul and spiti
On Route Pin Valley, India

Spiti India
Spiti River, Himachal Pradesh

To travel is to evolve!

To travel to an unwelcoming terrain is often discomforting in the beginning. Getting to the Spitian cold desert at an altitude of above 14,000 ft. makes you wonder with awe & be shit-scared at the same time at every turn of the road. Not to mention, the news of landslides & general lack of oxygen keeps up the drama to the full gear.

But like in real life, travel shows that getting uncomfortable is how mankind has always evolved… A new dimension, a fresh perspective is added to one’s life, opening up the Pandora box of unfettered possibilities to life, love, & human endurance.

Spiti pin valley
Pin Valley view, Spiti
Spiti kaza
Spiti valley view , Kaza
Spiti Himachal
Spiti Valley, India

Magical Canvas of Spiti River Valley

There’s no dearth of mountainous regions one can visit when it comes to India – green mountains, brown mountains, blue rivers, and even snow-clad white mountains.

But what if all the above colors could be found at one place ? I never believed it till I saw it with my own eyes in the magical canvas of Lahaul and Spiti.

My plan for Spiti has been postponed incessantly for 4 years, but magic happens in life when it is meant to happen, not a moment before or after.

A last-minute plan with a cousin with no prior booking or planning is how I reached Spiti , a river valley which presents a different landscape at every turn of the road.

It almost feels like the creator is playing with a magic brush, painting a curious color combination at every turn. 🙂

The Himalayan range , Kinnaur
On route Nako , Kinnaur

Gue landacape , Spiti
Gue village, Spiti

Kaza , spiti
View form Ki monestary, Kaza

Kaza landscape, Spiti
Kaza, Spiti River Valley

Pin Valley, Spiti

The Himalayas, Lahaul and Spiti
Pin Valley, Lahaul and Spiti

Spiti river valley
Spiti river valley

Kaza The great Himalayan range
Landscape at Kaza, Spiti

Tabo monestary
Tabo landscape, Spiti

Once you visit this landscape,you realize why the Himalayas were named ‘The Great Himalayan Range’. Viewing such a stunning landscape at the elevation of above 17,000 ft opens one’s eyes & mind’s eyes to the possibility of creator’s magical paint brush. 🙂

A Schizophrenic Writer

There are schizophrenic dual-selves in each one of us – a self which is an artist’s vision of ‘who one can be sans society’.

Perhaps, an identity that’s doesn’t try to conform, to fit in, or compromise.

There’s that secret fantastical-self for each one of us who revels in absolute freedom, interacts to the point, & is dramatically confident like a ‘super-hero’.

A writer, they say, is unfortunately caught up in countless such selves –
a secular-liberal at heart who disdains the idea of lack of ‘freedom of speech’, but is forced to choose silence; a sarcastic asshole who is hidden behind the veil of a chirpy exterior; an anxious over thinker who is super-confident & alive when alone on the road to wanderlust.

Traveling for me thus works as a breather from these countless selfves, bringing me a little closer to ‘who I was born to be’, hidden beneath perfectly conditioned layers of societal falsehoods.

Parvati River Kasol
Parvati River Valley, India


Adios – My spirit animal!

Sometimes, a small life matters to the whole universe. And sometimes, even a grand existence goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

For me, a dog’s life has always been that ‘small life’ that mattered & aroused a holy curiosity. I have sought pups since I can remember.

Maybe it was one of those things that is related to a past-life connection.

My bond with a dog grows naturally. However, the ability to form such a bond with a human remains elusive.

For, there’s something about a pup that resonates deep in the chambers of my heart – an undying sense of humor, displayed through naughty-kind eyes; a sense of joyful saunter in its walk; absolute trust, so unnatural in a human being; and that protectiveness with which it guards you like a lion. 🙂

I am especially amused by the ‘first bark’ that comes out of a pup’s being – a bark which sounds funny to our ears, but, feels like a roar to the lil amused furbaby, if you notice its angry-cute expressions. 🙂

Today, I lost one of the puppies that belonged to a litter of 8 wonder-street puppies that came into our lives a few months ago. A lot of times people call it a rescue case, but, I’m the one these wonder-pups rescued with their unconditional love & unfettered freedom.

This is a ‘thank you note’ to ‘Blacksome’, a homely, handsome boy who went missing in the bushes just today, probably taken by a predator (though I hope he somehow comes back). You’re not only a ‘good boy’ who stayed home, but you’re also in fact a ‘great boy’ whose naughty antics made me laugh unconditionally.

May you be my ‘spirit animal’ in the lives to come. :)))